Hello! My name is Damjan Nastic and I am a designer, photographer, and music producer. I spent most of my life growing up in California but spent two years in Belgrade, Serbia where I was able to grow closer to my culture and broaden my artistic horizons.
I am currently a senior Math/Economics student at UCLA. Economics is a field of intellectual interest for me that I have constantly incorporated into my work. I am always looking to fuse my economic and artistic perspectives to uniquely advance both fields.
I primarily own and run a clothing brand known as Brat where I combine elements of activism, satire, nostalgia, and fashion. My intention for this brand has always been to leave a direct, tangible impact on the fashion industry and society. My influences range from streetwear designers such as Imran Potato to political campaign artwork.
My photography work mostly focuses on portraits and fashion, always with the intention of telling a story. My musical work is my longest-standing artistic endeavor and my original introduction to many other fields of art.
My plans for the future are to research economics, create more, and find creative ways to market my ideas.
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